Limetorrents has a huge database of users online.

For your information, Limetorrents website is one of the popular torrent directories that are available out there. By directory, it clearly means that it doesn’t host any torrent file itself but instead, it links you to other sites that host the file. With the help of the Limetorrents you can easily download any file like for example, software applications, games, movies, music, eBooks and much more. If you are much into downloading stuff like these then Limetorrent is just perfect for you. One of the great things about Limetorrent is that it is also very family friendly, which basically means that there are less chances of you coming across inappropriate content on these sites.

Limetorrents also has a separate verified section where you can find all the verified torrents by the users.

You will find a large index of torrents which is being categorized under different sections such as movies, games, applications, music etc.

Limetorrents has a huge database of users online. Unlike the other sites, Limetorrents have very less clutter. In fact, it has been listed as the top 10 torrent sites of the year 2014 by the

Now the main thing about Limetorrents is that it is been blocked in various countries and in order to access it you will have to use a VPN. If not then you can also try out the Limetorrents proxy sites that are available out there. With the help of a fast web proxy server, you can unblock Limetorrents. There are also a few Limetorrents mirror sites ready to takeover the traffic.

Yet another torrent site has resorted to domain name changing tactics to save their ass. Yes, you have heard it right; LimeTorrents has now temporarily changed their domain name to lose the heat that it had been receiving recently. While the sites proprietors are destined to keep the site running they did admitted that running one currently has gotten quite difficult.

Ever since the site first came in to view back in 2009, the site has been a constant target of copyright trolls. During the infancy of the site, many of their servers were confiscated by IFPI and later the sites proprietor had to face legal battle against Lionsgate when they sued the site over piracy of Expendables 3.

It has been nearly a decade and the site is still running just fine, in fact, it is often listed amongst the top visited torrent sites. However, their pirated content is the primary source of their legal problems.

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